What Does it mean for you?


A MAF team, lead by pollination expert Dr. RM Goodwin, conducted an evaluation of the Polli pollination system.
The findings of the research were that kiwifruit pollinated using the Polli Pollination System were on average 16 grams (14%) heavier than Bee pollinated kiwifruit.  

The following figures show the increase in income for growers for every 1 gram increase in weight of fruit per hectare.


Financial Gain to Growers for Every Gram of Fruit per Hectare

 Haywood  $843 - $856
 Gold 3
 $1,500 - $1,800
 Green 14
 $1,000 - $1,200

That equates to a potential gain of  $13,700 per hectare for a Green Grower and 26,000 per hectare for Gold when using the Polli Application method.

 Read more about Mark Goodwin's research.

G3 Pollination - Establishing Canopy

Welcome to Polli Artificial Kiwifruit Pollination

The Polli kiwifruit pollination service is a direct application pollination method.  Female kiwifruit flowers are hand pollinated using high viability pollen that is impregnated on a velvet strip. 

Polli is highly cost effective and is a proven kiwifruit pollination method that increases fruit size, increases yield and generates higher grower returns. View full benefits of Polli kiwifruit pollination.



Who should use the Polli kiwifruit pollination service?

Polli is BioGro certified so we can supply artificial pollination for both organic and conventional growers.  Polli is a great choice for organic growers as multiple passes can be arranged so that flowers are targeted at the optimal time. 

Polli isn't just for green kiwifruit.  Gold growers also experience great results using Polli kiwifruit pollination.  A key advantage of Polli is the ability to complete numerous passes with some gold growers achieving excellent pollination by completing up to 5 passes - each pass targeting new flowers. 

Growers with problem pollination areas such as hollows or shelter rows get great results from using Polli in a targeted approach to ensure problem areas or late flowering areas are pollinated at the right time.

Pollination of new varieties has shown great results.  Polli is an effective way to pollinate new varieties especially when the canopy is not yet fully grown.

We welcome any questions you may have on our kiwifruit pollination system and can provide reference growers if required. Why not contact us today.