About Polli - artificial kiwifruit pollination

Polli is a supplementary kiwifruit pollination method that involves the direct application of pollen to female flowers. This enables orchardists to improve pollination, increase fruit size and boost income.

MAF Research

MAF Research has shown that Kiwifruit pollinated using the Polli pollination system was on average 14 per cent heavier than Bee pollinated Kiwifruit.  This direct application method minimises the use of Kiwifruit pollen by targeting it directly where it is needed and thus reducing costs for Kiwifruit growers.

The Process

Polli, sources high viability PSA free kiwifruit pollen and manufactures a Polli roll which is kept frozen until use. At optimum times during flowering, experienced Polli applicators apply pollen directly to the female flowers. For green kiwifruit application is typically undertaken at approximately 30 per cent open rate and again at 80 per cent. Applicators return to late flowering areas of orchards as required ensuring optimal results.

For gold kiwifruit best results are achieved by completing numerous application passes 2 to 3 days apart.  Frequent passes provide the best results due to the short viability period of gold flowers.


Polli has been providing artificial kiwifruit pollination services since it was established  in the early 1990’s helping growers achieve higher orchard gate returns by increasing kiwifruit size and orchard yields. The 2015 season saw Lyndon and Aroha Heaslip take over the business from Brian and Shiree McGillivray.  Lyndon comes from a background in viticulture and has a vineyard in Marlbourgh.  He has a keen interest in all aspects of horticulture and the Kiwifruit Industry.

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