What is the benefit of the Polli Pollination service?

Polli is a direct application pollination method.  This results in pollen being cost effectively delivered to the female flower resulting in larger Kiwifruit, higher yields and higher grower returns.

Is Polli suitable for Gold3, Gold9 and Green 14?

Yes the Polli system is the perfect choice for Gold3, Gold9 and Green 14. As the female flowers for these varieties are only attractive for bees for 2 days, artificial pollination using dry pollen should be applied every two days to ensure optimal pollination. As Polli is charged by the roll not per pass, it is cost effective to complete up to 6 passes targeting new flowers as they come out. Growers have reported great results using Polli Rolls both in conventional orchards and under cover.

What sort of Pollen is used on Gold3, Gold9 and Green 14?

Chieftan pollen collected in the previous season is used to pollinate these new varieties. Plant and Food Research indicates that for the current commercialised cultivas, pollen from males of the same or higher ploidy are best. Chieftan is a Hexaploid (6x) and the new varieties are Tetraploid(4x) thus allowing Chieftan pollen to pollinate the new varieties.

Is Polli suitable for establishing canopies?

Yes the Polli system is perfect for establishing canopies. The number of Polli rolls used corresponds directly to the number of flowers. Less flowers means a lower cost helping you save money as your orchard develops.

Is Polli suitable for Organic orchards?

Yes the Polli system is BioGro certified and is a fantastic solution for Organic growers who experience longer pollination periods. Hayward flowers are attractive to bees for 5 days so in an organic orchard we usually apply 3 passes no more than 5 days apart to achieve optimal pollination.

What if I only have a certain budget allocated to artificial pollination?

We will visit your orchard and work with you to work out how to best make use of the allocated budget focusing application on where you will get the best results.

Is the Polli Pollination service a proven form of pollination?

Yes, MAF research has proven that Polli pollinated Kiwifruit is up to 14 per cent heavier than bee pollinated Kiwifruit.  The system was invented in the 1990's and has a large client base many of whom use the Polli Pollination service year after year.

When is the best time to order?

Right now!  With the pollination season nearly on us, now is the time to order. It helps us to provide the highest level of service possible if your order is placed in advance of the season. Order Polli now.

What happens during the pollination season?

Polli take care of everything. We monitor your orchard and determine when your flowers are ready. We take care of all pollen and labour requirements for application.  We will return to late flowering patches to ensure optimum pollination.