Pricing for the Polli kiwifruit pollination service consists of a unit cost per Polli roll and an application cost per roll.

2022 Pricing for Polli pollination

The following table is based on the recommended application rate of 20 rolls of Polli per ha.  Prices exclude GST


Per Polli Roll

Application Passes

Total / ha

Conventional Hayward




Organic Hayward


 2 - 3







*  The Polli service is invoiced on a number of rolls used basis - you only pay for what is used.  We will advise if our flower monitoring indicates an application requirement greater than 20 rolls per ha.  For growers outside the Bay of Plenty, please contact us to confirm pricing.

**  Pricing is subject to change if the cost of raw pollen increases significantly

What is included?

All flower monitoring

All pollen (for both organic and conventional growers)

All labour for application


Are there any additional costs?

No. The pricing above represents the total investment required - there are no additional costs.


What are the payment terms?

Payment terms are 7 days from the invoice date.  This helps us keep the Polli pollination service as affordable as possible for our growers.


How do I order?

Please review our how to order section or contact us.